Helping you achieve success as you define it.

Success on your farm—as you define it—doesn’t have to be complicated. But how do you define success? And how do you know when you’ve achieved it?

Achieving success doesn’t just happen. It requires a plan—a plan specific to you, the goals you have and the tools you need to achieve them.

Parnell is committed to helping you achieve success through its portfolio of products manufactured in an FDA-approved Parnell facility and innovative management tools through the mySYNCH™ platform.



GONAbreed® (gonadorelin acetate) is used for treatment of cystic ovaries and use in cattle synchronization protocols to help synchronize cattle heats and estrous cycles to optimize timed artificial insemination (TAI) in various heifer synchronization and cow synchronization protocols.

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estroPLAN® (cloprostenol sodium) is used in animals with unobserved or non-detected estrus in cattle undergoing synchronization protocols to help induce regression of the corpus luteum and manipulate the estrous cycle to better fit timed artificial insemination (TAI) in various heifer synchronization and cow synchronization protocols.

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RESPIRmycin® (tulathromycin injection) is used for the treatment of respiratory disease in beef and non-lactating dairy cattle, suckling calves, dairy calves, veal calves and swine associated with the most destructive pathogens that compromise health, reduce growth and slow development.

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Dairy Technology


With mySYNCH™ – the innovative management web application that turns data into analytical tools and insights – you can set goals, benchmark progress and achieve success. Using your herd’s fertility data, mySYNCH helps you, your veterinarian and other key advisors work together to implement the most effective reproductive program, saving you time and money.

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Livestock Resources

Focusing on producers and veterinarians, Parnell continues to lead the cattle reproduction and dairy technology industries through their fertility and protocol research and thought leadership. Access the tools, downloads, research and insights to keep striving toward farm goals.

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Distribution Partners

Looking for distributors near you? Look no further. Parnell works with most major distributors and retailers to help you get the products and solutions you need.

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