mySYNCH dairy technology for ongoing success.

Parnell's mySYNCH cloud-based web application transforms your herd management data into valuable insights to guide strategic decisions for your dairy farm. This platform, with over 700,000 cows and growing, unlocks actionable information for dairy producers, veterinarians, and key advisors—saving you time and money.

To build YOUR plan, it takes a deep understanding of your individual goals—and the most effective ways to reach them. Parnell strives to deliver fertility management products, expertise and support to always put you and your needs first.

mySYNCH KPI Dashboard

Set Goals

Identify what success is on your dairy then find the shortest path to success. Using the Fertility 360 Report integrated into mySYNCH, you’ll work with your herd health veterinarian to conduct a 360-degree analysis of your dairy and your goals. Then, you can set action items with your team that will get you to success.

Track Your Progress

Using your data integrated into mySYNCH, set your starting point and monitor progress along the way. mySYNCH automatically updates reports, dashboards and tools that help you assess fertility trends and reproductive success over time.

mySYNCH Trends

Benchmark Multiple Farms

Quickly see which fertility metrics are improving and which ones might need your focus right now on the My Farms dashboard. This report displays these metrics for all of your farms in mySYNCH in one easy-to-use report for efficient interpretation. You can compare a farm's current 21-day reproductive rates to its trends over the last 3 years, as well as benchmark performance against other farms in mySYNCH.

mySYNCH My Farms Dashboard

Achieve Success

Celebrate improvements when they happen along the way and maintain improved performance to achieve herd goals. We’re committed to helping you find success on your farm as you define it. And we have the understanding and tools you’ll need to reach them.

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By Parnell's Clinical Technology Director, Jaimie Strickland, DVM, PhD