Contract Manufacturing

Parnell is a fully integrated pharmaceutical company operating in animal and human health with significant contract manufacturing operations. Our facility based in Sydney, Australia has FDA, APVMA, ACVM, Health Canada, Saudi FDA and EMA approvals to manufacture sterile injectable human and veterinary products as well as medicated chews for pets. Our full array of development and manufacturing capabilities coupled with our flexible operations means we can deliver all your manufacturing project needs.

Our Facility

  • Manufacture of aseptically filled and terminally sterilized injectable drugs.
  • Strong capabilities in the manufacture of drugs with highly potent actives (including hormones)
  • Variety of clear and amber glass vial sizes ranging from 10mL to 500mL filling capabilities.
  • Single-use manufacturing technology provides excellent sterility assurance and flexibility to manufacture a variety of products.
  • Semi-automated manufacture for plastic vials, odd-shape containers, and small R&D batches.
  • Flexible batch size ranges from 10L to 1,200L.
  • Inspected and approved for FDA, EMA (PIC/S), Health Canada, APVMA, ACVM, Saudi FDA.
  • Full Chemistry laboratories, Microbiology laboratories, R&D laboratories.
  • Large Stability Rooms capable of conducting trials from 2°-8°C to 40°C.
  • Temperature controlled warehouses ranging from 2°C to 8°C to below 25°C.

Parnell's Quality Philosophy

We are proud of our exemplary performance record in the most stringent regulatory environments. At a time when many companies are facing difficult issues with regulators, Parnell continues to maintain a strong standing with the FDA, APVMA and EMA.

  • We believe this is a testament to our industry-best quality and manufacturing standards and our highly skilled team.
  • At Parnell, quality is not simply a function, it is a core company value and ongoing expectation held by all employees, singularly focused on delivering only the very best pharmaceutical solutions.

Partner with us!

We have established a reputation as a partner of choice for some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world who come to us for our competitively priced, highly flexible approach to delivering your CMO needs in the toughest regulatory environments. Our unique experience in manufacturing highly potent drugs and aseptically filled injectables gives us the edge you need for your project.

For all your CMO needs, please contact:

Brad McCarthy

Manufacturing Highlights

2010 – APVMA approval for Asia Pacific & Canada manufacture

2013 – FDA approval for USA manufacture

2015 – TGA inspected and approved for manufacture across the EU