Parnell® PROcept™ – Get More Cows Pregnant the First Time

By utilizing the Parnell PROcept fertility protocol, you could reduce the number of cows in your resynch protocol while increasing your overall fertility rates.¹

Parnell is committed to finding new and innovative ways to improve dairy herd fertility. That is why we developed Parnell PROcept. The Parnell PROcept protocol adds an additional injection of estroPLAN® (cloprostenol sodium) 24 hours after the first estroPLAN injection. Our research shows a 14% relative increase in pregnancies per timed artificial insemination 2nd and 3rd lactation cows using the Parnell PROcept breeding protocol compared to an OVsynch protocol. There was no significant increase in pregnancies per timed AI in heifers or 4th lactation or greater cows.

For additional information on Parnell PROcept, estroPLAN or GONAbreed® contact your Parnell representative.

protocol chart



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