In the racing industry, degenerative joint disease (DJD) is one of the biggest contributors to poor athletic performance. DJD prevents equine athletes training at the required intensity to achieve their athletic potential and significantly reduces days in work. Furthermore, DJD frequently results in the premature retirement of sport horses of all ages, representing significant financial losses to the owners and the failure of talented horses to reach their full potential. Parnell has developed two products for equine joint care that modulate cartilage metabolism and reduce inflammation so you can meet your one objective…winning!

DJD & Osteoarthritis

DJD and osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is the most common degenerative joint disease and costs the racing industry millions of dollars each year due to poor racing performance and early retirement. It is characterized by a break down in the ability of the cartilage and synovial fluid to effectively cushion and lubricate the joint during movement.


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Over the last decade Parnell has developed Dual Joint Care, to firstly modify and then protect the integrity of the cartilage and help keep your equine athletes at their peak performance.


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Learn more about DJD and how you can potentially delay the onset of the disease. This informative video outlines the aetiology of the disease and how early intervention may provide the best protection. This video is available in four languages: English, Cantonese, Arabic and Malay.